Texas Rock Labor Workers for a Better Future

This is our state, and we love our jobs, but too many of us lack access to family supporting benefits and living wages. Rock Labor crews across the country are coming together to win critical improvements to our working conditions such as:

  • Minimum hour guarantees and minimum 8 hours rest between shifts
  • Retirement and health benefits for our families
  • Wages that address inflation and the rising cost of living in our state

We stand together in asking Rock Labor to recognize our contributions to Texas’ massive entertainment industry and the need for industry standard wages and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing an authorization card is a major step in forming a union with IATSE. By signing an authorization card, you declare your support for a union at work. It’s the formal way to show that you want a union job. 

The signing of authorization cards is confidential. The IATSE will never share authorization cards with your employer. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for signing an authorization card. Any retaliation would be a violation of labor laws. 

If enough workers sign authorization cards, your employer may voluntarily recognize the union. Otherwise, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will conduct an election of employees. If the union wins the election or receives voluntary recognition, it becomes certified. You and your coworkers become members of a collective bargaining unit. You and your union will then negotiate with your employer on your behalf. 

If the union does not win the election and the employer does not voluntarily recognize it, the authorization cards have no further effect, and the union will not represent you. 

Signing the card is an initial step in the unionization process. It shows your commitment to union representation but does not yet make you a union member. 

If the union is certified, employees in the bargaining unit can apply for membership. 

No. The union will not replace you or your coworkers with other IATSE workers. It is your job. The union wants to protect your job and negotiate a contract that improves it. 

Joining a union has many benefits. Union members earn higher wages and get better benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave. Union contracts protect you from unfair dismissal and ensure safer working conditions. Unions help keep a good work-life balance with fair hours, breaks, and overtime pay. They make sure employers follow the rules and offer career development through training programs. Being in a union also means joining a supportive community of workers. 

Joining a union involves some costs, but these are outweighed by the benefits. A fraction of your wage is paid back to the Union to help negotiate the contract and cover the cost of protecting your rights as an employee under the terms of the agreement and the law. Dues cover the administrative cost of collective bargaining 

The IATSE waives application fees and initiation fees for new organizing drive. 

Unionizing has several steps. These steps ensure workers can choose union representation democratically. First, workers identify workplace issues and contact a union organizer for help. Next, they educate and mobilize coworkers, discussing unionizing openly. Workers sign confidential authorization cards to show support. If enough cards are signed, the employer may recognize the union. If not, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will conduct an election. Once certified, the union and employer negotiate a contract. Union members vote to approve this contract. After certification, workers can apply for full union membership.

We've been in the live events business since 1893.

IATSE union was built by workers who moved from job to job, facing unpredictable hours, precarious employment and health care, and pay that didn’t reflect their contribution to the industry.

As 170,000+ workers from all corners of the entertainment industry, we are uniquely positioned and have the industry experience to win major gains on benefits, training, rest, pay and other important issues.

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