Nashville Live Event Workers for a Better Future.

This is our city, and we love our jobs, but too many of us lack access to family supporting benefits and living wages. Crews throughout the city are coming together to win critical improvements to our working conditions such as:

  • Minimum hour guarantees and minimum 8 hours rest between shifts
  • Retirement and health benefits for our families
  • Wages that address inflation and the rising cost of living in the Nashville area

We stand together in asking employers to recognize behind the scenes workers’ contributions to Nashville’s massive entertainment industry and the need for industry standard wages and benefits.


IATSE Local 46 Benefits

The IATSE Local 46 Benefit Funds are trust funds established by the union through collective bargaining with various Nashville, TN entertainment industry employers. Generally, funding comes from contributing employers that have Collective Bargaining Agreements with IATSE Local 46.

The Funds are governed by Boards of Trustees made up of an equal number of representatives of the IATSE Local 46 (labor) and the employers (management). The IATSE Local 46 Benefit Funds include the Pension, 401 (k) Retirement Savings, Health & Welfare, and Vacation Funds. Employees and employers participate in one or more Funds, depending on the terms of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. 


IATSE Training Trust Fund (TTF)

The IATSE Training Trust Fund (TTF) is a joint labor-management training fund offering training opportunities for IATSE workers to achieve and maintain the skills, ability, and knowledge necessary to succeed in the ever-changing entertainment and exhibition industries.

The IATSE Training Trust offers a variety of educational resources and training opportunities to the IATSE workforce including No Fee Courses such as rigging proficiency, OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety training, TTF Safety First! online courses, and free LinkedIn Learning subscriptions; Certification Reimbursement: ETCP, CTS, Mental Health First Aid; Audiovisual Training through the IATSE TTF/AVIXA Partnership; and much more.

Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)

IATSE is proud to partner with the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP), an industry-wide program that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the highest levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities in specific entertainment technology disciplines.

ETCP certifications are offered in the following areas: Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, Entertainment Electrician, and Portable Power Distribution Technician.

IATSE workers who successfully pass ETCP certification exams may be eligible for Certification Reimbursement through the IATSE Training Trust Fund: https://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/certification-reimbursement

IATSE Training FAQs

There are thousands of both online and in-person courses offered at no cost. You can access a comprehensive list here.

These courses are open to non-members who are employed under a collectively bargained contract. Non-members may need to undergo verification before enrolling in a class.

Mental Health and Financial Aid

Behind The Scenes Charity (BTS)

The Behind the Scenes Charity assists entertainment professionals, and their immediate dependent family, in need due to serious illness or injury that may be used for basic living, medical or funeral expenses. They can also assist with the costs of seeing a therapist, or in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation.

Mental Health First Aid is a training course available through BTS. This program gives workers the skills they need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem, or experiencing a crisis, and help connect them to the appropriate care. IATSE workers who successfully complete the Mental Health First Aid training are eligible for Certification Reimbursement through the IATSE Training Trust Fund.

Entertainment Community Fund

IATSE is proud to partner with the Entertainment Community Fund (ECF), formerly The Actors Fund.

This fund provides human services nationally for people who work in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance. From providing financial assistance during periods of unemployment to offering mental health resources, the fund strives to holistically address the well-being of its beneficiaries.

The ECF’s services relating to health and wellness, career, and even housing help ensure stability, encourage resiliency, and create a safety net for those who shape our country’s Live Event Industry.

We've been in the live events business since 1893.

IATSE union was built by workers who moved from job to job, facing unpredictable hours, precarious employment and health care, and pay that didn’t reflect their contribution to the industry.

As 170,000+ workers from all corners of the entertainment industry, we are uniquely positioned and have the industry experience to win major gains on benefits, training, rest, pay and other important issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees was established in 1893.

The organization encompasses a diverse workforce of over 170,000 professionals spanning various fields within the arts, media, and entertainment industry in the United States and Canada. This includes live theater, motion picture and television production, trade shows, exhibitions, television broadcasting, concerts, as well as the equipment and construction shops that facilitate these sectors.

The purpose of the IATSE is to enhance the lives of entertainment workers, both within and beyond the workplace.

No. The union will not replace you or your coworkers with other IATSE workers.

IATSE Local 46’s objective is to improve your job by negotiating for a contract that includes benefits, fair wages, and career growth opportunities.

If a majority of workers at your job sign authorization cards choosing to be represented by a union, everyone benefits from the collectively bargained contract terms including wages, benefits, and working conditions.

We strongly encourage all workers to explore the advantages of joining the union. Those who express interest will have the opportunity to complete an application to join IATSE Local 46.

It’s important to note that union membership involves nominal annual dues and fees, which are democratically determined by the members of IATSE Local 46. These funds are essential for sustaining ongoing negotiations and winning benefits, fair wages, and career growth opportunities. Local 46 and the international union will waive the Application Fees for new members joining through an organizing drive. Contact us to learn more.

Next Steps FAQs

If you are interested in securing IATSE contract benefits at your worksite, contact us.

For a union contract to go into effect at your workplace, a majority of the company’s employees must sign authorization cards.

Signing a card means you want access to an IATSE Local 46 contract with benefits, training, and better conditions.

The Live Event Workers Podcast

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The Live Event Workers Podcast is supported by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), The Union Behind Entertainment.

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